The Great Crusade is a division level tactical game that tracks the campaign in France starting in June 1944 and ending once the Allied player crosses the Rhine.  The Great Crusade is based on a game play system that was developed over the course of 17 years.  This is an introductory level game but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a challenge for players of any skill level.  It’s an called introductory level game based on the fact that it concentrates on the tactical decisions facing the player.  This means the game can be enjoyed by all ages and provides challenges for beginners as well as well as experienced players.

Play either as the Allied or the German commander with an adjustable AI that allows you to adjust difficulty as well as the aggressiveness of the computer player.  This means you have hundreds of variations you can play.  And since a game generally lasts only an hour a two, you have plenty of opportunity to try as many variations as you want.

I get that games that come with 800 page manuals and take a year to play are interesting.  But I’ve always missed the simplicity of the games that got me interested in war gaming in the first place.  Every once in a while I want to play a game where I can be challenged and finish in an hour.  I first played this game when I was 12 years old and after bringing it onto the computer I have been amazed by how much I still like to play this game with the added bonus that I don’t have to spend an hour setting up the board!

If you’re like me and got your start gaming by moving cardboard counters around on a large map I hope you find that this game recaptures that game play.  If you are looking to get started in war gaming this game is a great introduction.  It allows you to concentrate on fighting battles and games last an hour rather than a year.

So give it a try, what do you have to lose; it free!

Screen shot from The Great Crusade showing a breakout from the Normandy landing area

The Great Crusade was developed to provide a game that did not require hours of reading and research to play.  All of the rules of the game are embedded into the game so the user does not need to be aware of them if he or she doesn’t care.

For those players who wish to understand the game more and why they are or aren’t allowed to do things the link below provides a pdf file with the rules of the game.

The quick-start video is an example of game play for the first three turns

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